Google Photos announced, cross platform support and unlimited storage

12:21:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Just as expected, during the Google I/O keynote this morning, Google Photos was announced and the headline tag you've probably heard is "unlimited". Like it's name suggest, the new app available for Android, iOS and the Web is a unified place for you to manged all your photos and images. The service is basically a well build gallery which syncs with the cloud.

But that's not it, with the power of Google's servers, the app is able to analyze and also sort your images into smart groups. It's also possible to search locations and Google will decode what's on the image and ping back the results. All of this is powered by the cloud and the photos in the app doesn't need to be physically on the device you're viewing to run all these commands.

It is clear that Google is trying to take on other cloud and photo networks with Google Photos and to top things off, they will be offering unlimited storage for photos and videos. Google says they will store compressed images which has the exact quality as the original and they will be uploading imaged up to 16MP in size and videos up to 1080P quality.

Google Photos will be available today and you can try it yourself at