Xiaomi cashed in $335 million and a Guinness World Record in 24 hours

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Xiaomi devices is quite popular here in Malaysia mainly due to it's affordable price points and just last week they celebrated their 5th anniversary. Earlier this week, the company held a Mi Fan Festival which placed popular products on sale. Most of the action happened in China but some Xioami products was given a price slash in Malaysia.

How we celebrate a #GuinnessWorldRecord - 2.11 million phones sold on a single online platform within 24 hours! Xiaomi...
Posted by Mi on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Well, after two sessions of sales which lasted 12 hours in total, Xiaomi not only manage to break their previous sales record but they actually broke the world record for the most sales on an online platform. The numbers are; 2.12 million smartphones sold during the Mi Fan Festival and their total revenue for the days is 2.08 billion yuan (about RM 1.2 billion or USD 335 million). 

That is a lot of money for a company which is just 5 years old and in fact their sales was actually considered for a Guinness World Record and yes they managed to grab that award. Celebrating their success, the company's executive team including their CEO went on a run around the company's compound with only a pair of shorts (weather in Beijing is about 20 degrees)

Overall, this looks like a good sign for the Chinese startup and they will most likely be able to exceed their goal of selling 100million smartphones this year if they keep up the pace by giving customers the best possible product for the money.