The Apple Watch faces off with a power drill, did it survive?

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The Apple Watch is now open for pre-orders but current orders will be placed on backorders as Apple is listing their new wearable as out of stock. If you can't contain your excitement for the new Apple Watch you can either choose to watch Apple's official hands on videos or check out the various Apple Watch reviews from the big tech sites.

Apple Watch Reviews:

Well, that's not the only thing you can do while waiting, there is this short 3 minute video showcasing the Apple Watch's durability. No, it's not a drop test but it does test the resistance of the Sapphire display on the Apple Watch.

Believe it or not, this is no ordinary durability tests as the Apple Watch itself is not tested here but rather the glass covering the display is tested. From the wall to the hammer, the display pretty much makes it's way to victory without leaving any noticeable defects. But what goes down when a power drill is introduced?

Check out the video below