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Every now and then I’ll bump into an app which gets me all excited about. This time around it’s the app about a food delivering service called Foodpanda. To be honest here, I am more excited about the service itself rather than the app. Personally I’m the kind of person which loves food a lot and I strive to look for some delicious tasting food around me. Well enough about that, let me dive right into the review of the foodpanda app which is available to download on both iOS and Android powered devices. I am testing out the android app on the play store and specifically the Malaysia based app.
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Foodpanda is an online food delivery service available in certain states in Malaysia. They have partnered up with a few major restaurants throughout Malaysia like The Chicken Rice Shop, Old Town White Coffee and many more to provide food delivery service to potential customers which are tired of the same takeaways since forever and for those who are not able to go out to buy the food. Their service includes a wide variety of restaurants which are indexed according to your location, genre and even price.

My Thoughts

First and formost I would like to say that I’ve been playing around with the app for about 4 days but I’m yet to try the delivery service. When you open up the app you are greeted with a red and pizza topping homescreen with the foodpanda mascot on the left hand side. From there you can select the city and area to lock down on which restaurants do you want to check out. In the next screen you will see the list of restaurants within the area you selected, from there the restaurants are sorted by wheter they are open or not. If you dive in deeper into a restaurant you will see the menu which is sorted by the genre of food. Basically the app is quite simple to use, one thing to note is that if you wish to order food from them you will need to create and account in which your address is stored in it for easier access in the future.
‘the app is very straightforward’
Basically the app is a watered down version of the web interface. I am saying that because in the android/iOS app is basically a very blant menu which does not include any photos of the menu items at all, the only image in the app itself is the logo of the restaurant and that’s it. I can see where they’re going with not showing the images of the menu items, they are trying to minimize the data usage of the app if you are using 3G/4G. I am hoping that in the future that foodpanda will be updating the app to have like a button in the menu where I can click to view the food which I am going to order. A short conclusion is that the look and feel of the app is like the opposite of their website which includes images of the menu items which ultimately helps the customer in making the decision of choosing that specific menu item. Another thing which I noticed when I was fiddling with the app is that there is no way to take away a certain menu item after you have added the item to the cart. The only way which I can remove the item is to go out of the current restaurant tab I’m in and reenter it and you’ll have to repick the items you want again. I’m pretty sure this is a slight problem or maybe it’s just me not noticing how to delete the menu items in the cart. Another thing which I noticed is that the app unlike the web version does not show the current promotions. Continuing down to what I really like about the app, the filters for the restaurants is a really powerful tool as it can help you decide which restaurant you would like to order from there is even a filter to set the price range which is pretty handy for those on a budget. In the restaurant list, the app does highlight the restaurants which sell halal food. The menu options which you can choose from is also very wide and prices are about the same if you were to dine in at the restaurant. The options for each menu item is also quite wide and the description for the menu items are short and straight to the point. 
'images make the food look tastier'


In conclusion the foodpanda app for android and iOS does exactly what the web version does but in a less intuitive way. There are some minor problems in the app which can be overlooked. All in all the app performs extremely well during my testing and that is why I gave it a score of 7.5/10. I hope in the future that Foodpanda will update it to be as intuitive as the web version and resolve the problem of not being able to delete items in the cart. You can check the score breakdown in the chart below here. 
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