Fitbit Blaze is a $200 fitness tracker with replaceable bands like the Apple Watch

9:49:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Apple might be new to the game of wearables but last year alone, the Apple Watch manage to outsell just about every other fitness tracker and smartwatch out there. Fitbit which is the prominent leader in the race is feeling the heat and I think that Apple Watch is the inspiration for the new Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.

Make no mistake, this is still a fitness tracker deep down and you can't install third party apps or view reply to notifications as the core functionality of the Fitbit Blaze is to track your steps, measure your sleep and track workout. There is a built in HR sensor on the Fitbit Blaze but unlike the Fitbit Surge, the new Blaze does not come with built in GPS.

But what the Fitbit Blaze does come with is a sense of style. The design of Fitbit's new fitness tracker is a lot like those square smartwatches and for the first time ever, Fitbit is also putting a color display onto one of their fitness trackers. Not a fancy OLED display but the Fitbit Blaze does get up to 5 days of battery life with he color LCD display.

In terms of software, you can expect to receive basic notifications on the Fitbit Blaze and the device is compatible with up to 200 iOS, Android and Windows devices. Beyond that, the Blaze also includes integration with FitStar which is an app that provides guided workouts and like all modern Fitbit trackers, the Blaze will also automatically recognize your workout.

For $200, the Fitbit Blaze works exactly like the Fitbit Charge HR but the only difference is in terms of design. Wearing the Blaze doesn't give others the impression that you are wearing a fitness band as the Blaze a sophisticated look and you can even upgrade that look with an optional band that goes up to $130 and ranges from leather straps to metal bands.

The Fitbit Blaze is now available for Pre-order through Fitbit's online store for $199.95 (~ RM 870) and will be available in black, blue and plum.