LG highlights the new leather back on the LG G4

8:32:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

We saw this coming, from the leather themed invites to the microsite leak over the weekends. LG has nothing to hide already and today they are formally introducing the LG G4 with this very first official look at the LG G4.

Sure, LG has confirmed the LG G4 name but prior to this, all they've done is hinted at the features but today's teaser is the first official image of the LG G4 and yes, they're indirectly confirming that the images from the microsite was true.

We've seen the back of the LG G4 in multiple shades of leather but LG's teaser poster shows the device from the sides. When i first saw the stiching i was like, No, definitely no. But after looking at it from the side i might be able to accept the leather back with a symmetrical stiching over the center.

It does have that maturity unlike what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 3 when they included faux leather on the back of the device. Just a slight reminder, that the LG G4's back is also removable so don't expect the overall feels of the leather to be extraordinary.

Stay tuned for more official info on the LG G4 as we approach the Apri 28 launch.