Here's an exclusive look at the software powering the LG G4

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LG has already confirmed that their new flagship for 2015 will be officially unveiled on April 28 in 7 locations worldwide. Also, just last week; LG Display showed off a new 5.5" IPS display which bears the same 1440 X 2560 resolution of the outgoing LG G3 but features richer colors and a higher contrast ratio.

We have already been indulged with leaks of the device in the past few weeks and LG is trying to bring up the hype for the LG G4 by officially showcasing the software powering it. The company calls it LG UX 4.0 and this is their fourth revision of their custom Android skin.

This time around it looks like LG didn't alter much of the design from the previous version, but LG did note that they are adding simplifying the user interface for a better experience overall.

One of the new features is called Quick Shot which will enable users to just double tap the power button on the back to quickly take a photo even when the phone is not on. In addition to that, the camera now comes in three(3) modes; Simple, basic and manual.

Besides that, LG is tweaking their signature clock widget and it'll now proactively show you information based on your calendar and weather conditions. Sounds a lot like how Google Now works.

With this new software, select stock applications have been tweaked to introduce more smarter and intuitive ways to do your daily tasks. You can check out the video below to see a demo of how all this works.

Don't forget, the LG G4 will be officially announced on April 28 and stay tuned for our coverage on that.

“LG UX 4.0 offers simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use the G4 with both new and improved features that intelligently accommodate each individual user,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We will continue to better understand our customers so we can continue delivering innovations for a better life through our human-centric approach.”