Oppo's upcoming smartphone has no bezels

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The trend with smartphones these days are bigger display and high pixel densities. Across the board, various companies are also pushing the limit by squeezing the display onto a small footprint. Take for example last year with the LG G3, LG managed to get a 75% screen to body ratio. A notable mention is Sharp's Aquos Crystal which featured a bezeless display.

Now to the main point of this article which is about the device you are seeing on the top. As you can see the device looks real sharp with it's edge to edge display and two noticeably large top and bottom bars for the capacitive keys and earpiece.

The source mentions that the display size is 5.5" and there seems to be a near zero gap between the two sides and the display. Unlike on the Galaxy S6 edge, this unnamed device does not trick the eyes for a edge to edge infinity display.

Now you may ask? Then what is this device exactly, the source did not name out anyone but given that Oppo recently received a patent for creating a device with minimal amount of bezels. It's also noted that this image comes directly from China and it's quite plausible that Oppo's upcoming lineup will feature a display similar to this.

SOURCE: PhoneArena