redesigned, now features a responsive design

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Microsoft has been doing some real cool stuff lately and the tech community has been praising the leadership of the newly appointed CEO, Satya Nadella. From porting popular Microsoft apps to other platforms to allowing users to test drive Windows 10, the company is on their way to regaining their brand name.

Today, yet another change has occurred and it's with the site. The page has been revamped with a new design and this is yet another redesign the company has attempted on their site in the past two years. Looking at the new site, the influence of Windows 10 has definitely propagated to the new site with the big minimalist buttons on the center screen.

In addition to that, the new site now features a responsive design which means that the site will automatically resize itself based on the screen size. Just take a look at the screenshot below which shows how the Microsoft site looks like when the new Microsoft logo was introduced.

Check out the site today at

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SOURCE: WMPoweruser