Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10041 to Windows Insiders

11:36:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows 10 will be launching in 190 countries later this Summer and after a long wait (since January), Microsoft is finally releasing a new preview build for Windows Insiders. No, this release is not one of those leaked builds which are said to be buggy but this is a official build straight from Microsoft.

Build 10041 to be exact is now available to users which select the 'fast' ring for updates and currently the only way to get the build is through the fast ring update. Microsoft says that the ISO file will be released alongside the 'slow' ring update in a couple days time.

No, the Project Spartan browser is not in this Build but Microsoft does assures that the next preview build would definitely feature the new browser. Despite that, there are several improvements in this build and one of them is the update task view which now allows you to move windows between the virtual desktops.

This new build also features a new Insider Hub which now shows some stats about how you use Windows 10. Other than that, there is nothing radically changed, Cortana is still herself and the Start menu still looks the same but now comes in a translucent hue. Anyways, if you're planning to update to the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build here is a list of known issues in this build.