Microsoft will be retiring the Internet Explorer brand in Windows 10

7:43:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The day has come, Microsoft confirms that they are dropping the Internet Explorer name on Windows 10. After years of being touted as the slow poke, even if IE is not actually slow. The bad perception towards Internet Explorer will always be there and is a damage which cannot be undone.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is set to redefine their own internet browser, Project Spartan is the codename for the more modern standing browser being installed on all Windows 10 devices. Microsoft is yet to reveal what Project Spartan will be actually called in Windows 10 but everyone seems to be a little attached with the Spartan name already.

Despite dropping the Internet Explorer name, Microsoft says they are not completely phasing out the browser and it'll be available to enterprise users as legacy support for certain web apps which still require the Internet Explorer engine.

Well, all these bad publicity of being slow and all has fundamentally changed the way we judge Internet Explorer. I for say am still using Internet Explorer on the Windows 10 TP and i don't see what's with the talk about it running slow. Performance is adequate enough not to install Google Chrome. You can marvel on some comic strips based on IE's so called "speed"

SOURCE: The Verge