Cyanogen partners with Boxer to bring a premium email experience to Cyanogen OS

7:45:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Cyanogen, the company behind the popular custom ROM for android device recently laid out some big plans to rule out Google from their custom version of Android. Today, the company is moving forward by officially announcing the official email client on Cyangen. No, the client is not Gmail nor Google Inbox but the company chose Boxer to represent email on CyanogenMod.

Announced via the Boxer blog, the company reveals that Cyanogen OS 12 will be receiving an exclusive version of the Boxer email. The client being included will feature a premium design which is build on Material Design.

Some features of the Boxer app in Cyanogen OS 12 are:
  • Customization: Cyanogen users can now set their own left and right swipe actions, notification sounds, account colors for LED email notifications, and create custom inbox folders.
  • Integrated Task Management: Users can create a task, set a due date, priority level, and even set an assignee right from their inbox.
  • Integrations: Cyanogen users will be able to access popular productivity apps, including Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, right inside their email inbox.

SOURCE: Android Central