Alleged renders of the front and back of the LG G4 emerge

6:17:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Just yesterday we showed you what look to be an official render of the LG G4. Well, today we're in luck as the same leaker (@OnLeaks) has revealed yet another set of renders which show most of the device.

Similar to the info provided in yesterday's report, the source backs up it’s claim that the LG G4 will feature a slight curve with these images. It is clearly seen that the top and bottom of the device features a slight curve inside.

Besides that, the alleged render also shows the unusually large front facing camera could mean that LG is upgrading the quality of it and possibly a wider angle lens. Continuing down the front, the look is near identical with the LG G3 with the LG logo on the bottom and slim bezels on both side.

Unlike with Samsung, it looks like LG is planning to keep the removable back on the LG G4 as the render does point out a notch on the side to remove the back. Finally, keep note that this is not the final design and things might change when the device launches.

LG is expected to unveil their new flagship (LG G4) late next month and the device might feature the company's in-house build Nuclon processor and also a fingerprint sensor is expected to be included with the device.

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SOURCE: PhoneArena