HERE maps lands on iOS, brings full offline map support

8:06:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

With iOS6, Apple set out to create their own map application but that certainly did not turn out well. For a long time now, the best alternative for a solid map application was Google Maps but today, Google will meet it's competition. The HERE division in Nokia has released their mapping application on iOS today and is now available for download on devices running iOS7 and above.

>>> HERE maps for iOS (free)

The free app being released shares a lot in common with it's Android and Windows Phone counterpart. Of course, the headline feature of being able to do offline navigation is still true on the iOS app and users will be able to download maps for various countries for offline navigation. Overall, the UI looks pretty similar than of the Android application which recently exited a public beta. But despite the similarities, HERE is touting that their app for iOS is unmistakably made for Apple's mobile operating system with native iOS controls and optimized to perform the best.

Besides offline navigation support, the app is still a fully fledged maps app which includes a traffic layer to help determine the ETA (*internet connection required). Also, users will be able to sign into their HERE account on the application to sync collections between other devices. Check out this short hands on video of the application by our friends over at UnleashThePhones

SOURCE: HERE via UnleashThePhones