Cortana gets a visual upgrade on Windows 10, now incorporating more colors

11:56:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Microsoft's Windows Insiders program has been running for quite some time now and Windows 10 with each official preview build released, things get better. Although the latest Build 9926 came out in January and for the past month's the builds we are seeing are from leaks, Gabe Aul assures that a new build is definitely bound for release in the coming weeks.

The current improvement for the upcoming build includes some UI changes to the task view mode but it looks like another visual change is inbound for our friendly personal assistant living inside Windows 10 machines. Tom Warren tweets that, Cortana will soon look better on Windows 10 and no longer is she wearing a black and white theme.

Windows 10 Build 9926
The new Cortana interface on Windows 10 will apparently now feature more colors and it looks to blend in with the bing image for a translucent look. Also, the info which Cortana beams up will apparently now be served up in cards and they also look to be more on the colorful side as opposed to the current Cortana on Windows 10 which only shows a thumbnail and some text.

As to when Microsoft plans to include this new Cortana in a Windows 10 preview build, we'll just have to wait for a while. Stay tuned to our blog for continuous updates on Windows 10. 

SOURCE: @tomwarren (Twitter)