Apple will soon offer you an iPhone in return for your Android phone

12:30:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The big debatable question in choosing a smartphone is whether to choose iOS or Android and depending on the person you ask, you'll get a different answer. Well, Tim Cook's answer is obviously for you to choose the iPhone and to make your choice a little easier, Apple will soon be opening their in store trade-in program to devices other than the iPhone.

Currently you can trade in your old iPhone for a rebate on a newer one but 9To5Mac reports that Apple is readying their staff to appraise Android and Blackberry (sadly no Windows Phone =( ) devices and offering buyers a gift card towards buying a new iPhone. In addition to recycling your old phone inturn for a rebate on a new iPhone, Apple employees will also help you to migrate your address book only (you'll have to migrate other data yourself).

As to how much a good condition Android device will pick up is yet to be known but given that Apple was stingy in the trade-in program for the iPhone, only time will tell if this offer from Apple is worth the money or is it better to just trade-in your Android or Blackberry phone somewhere else to get a better deal. Also, this offer will most likely only be valid on official Apple retail outlets.