Apple reportedly testing an all-metal pink iPhone 6

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Apple is off to a good start this week with a couple of big announcements being made at their Spring Forward event yesterday. Today, Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is considering a 4th color option for the next iPhone (iPhone 6S) and if you've guessed it, yes they are testing a pink iPhone.

The report also mentioned that Apple has no plans to change the form factor of the next iPhone and will retain the current 4.7" and 5.5" screen size. This is an obvious move for Apple to make because they have been doing it since the iPhone 4S in which the only redesign the phone every other year.

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In addition to that, WSJ also mentions that Apple is planning to include Force Touch into the iPhone. If you're not familiar with Force Touch, it's basically a third click option which responds with a slight vibration and this technology has been implemented on both the Apple Watch and 12" MacBook.

is this your next iPhone?
SOURCE: TheVerge via Wall Street Journal