More bling bling with the gold HTC One M9

3:54:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

HTC will be officially debuting their 2015 flagship device during MWC 2015 later this month and that doesn't stop the leaks from coming in. All the leaks currently point to this specific design which is most likely currently being mass produced. Previously, leaks only showed the grey variant and also the striking white one, but today we are served with a HTC One M9 which has been lightly dashed with some gold (not that kind of gold).

As i pointed out earlier, the leak today shows an identical design to the leaked images last week and we'll just have to take this design as the real deal. Besides being given a light gold color, the gold variant looks to have white accents which gives it a nicer look overall. Also from the pictures you can see the interior also has a gold color which might indicate that the entire aluminium frame has the gold color which could help in hiding scratches from decolorizing the aluminium. 

To recap, the HTC One M9 will be launching alongside the M9 Plus, a new Desire phone and a new smartwatch too? The M9, will come with the Snapdragon 810 and also the new 20MP rear camera which will be way better than the 4MP Duo camera setup on the M8. Stay tuned as the announcement is just around the corner. Tweet to us @TTOT9 and tell us what you think of the HTC One M9, yay or nay? 

SOURCE: PhoneArena via NWE