Android 5.1 Lollipop unofficially announced, update coming to devices soon

4:44:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Not on Lollipop yet, well you're not alone cause the majority of manufacturers have yet to release the Android 5.0 update to a wide range of devices. But if you're lucky enough to be owning a Nexus phone or Google's Android One handsets, you'll be excited to know that Google is starting to push out Android 5.1 which is still Lollipop.

The new .1 update was discovered on the Android One promo site which mentions these low cost android devices are running the 'latest and faster version of Android (5.1 Lollipop). Currently, there is not much info about this update as Google has not published an official changelog.

The updates with this version will most likely improve from the flaws of the original Android 5.0 Lollipop which has plagued problems like battery issues and excessive RAM consumption. So, if you're holding an Android One device this update will most likely be hitting your device in the coming weeks and for Nexus devices the update will also be rolling out soon.

SOURCE: PhoneArena, AndroidPolice