Here's how the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will look like

3:44:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The leaks and rumors about both the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 have been pretty hot lately, it's like everyday there is something about it. But besides those two, there is also another device which has been getting some extensive 'leaked' coverage from various sites. It's the Galaxy S Edge which is a completely new product line from Samsung.
After they teased the curve in their MWC 2015 invitation, the rumors and leaks have been flying around. But the image we have today courtesy of CNET Korea gives us a first look at the Galaxy S Edge. From the looks of it, this might be an official promo for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge case. Putting that aside, from the image we can clearly see the Galaxy S Edge or referred as the Galaxy Edge on the image has curved screens on both sides on the device.
Another thing to point out is that the power button and volume rocker is also on the sides opposed to on the top like on the Galaxy Note Edge. So it's either the device is a tad bit thicker of the curvature on the side is not as steep as on the Galaxy Note Edge. Also if you notice closely, the camera sensor seems to bulge out quite a bit...

Overall, this image looks to be in line with the recent leaks which point out the camera placement and the bottom mounted speakers. Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge (or Galaxy Edge) will be making their official debut during MWC 2015 on the March 1. Stay tuned for more update on both these devices.