Simple tips and tricks to improve your Wi-Fi signal

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Getting the fastest wifi speeds in Malaysia seems to be a challenging task as always, but there are some tricks you can use to get the best signal. First, you need to make sure you are already using the best broadband plan that would suit your needs.

Did you know? Mbps means megabits per second and it is used to measure the download and upload speed of your Internet connection. Mbps stands for megabytes per second and it is used to measure file size.

To make sure you enjoy the best of these two metrics, here are some things you can do at home to optimize your internet speed.

Place the router at the center of your house

Placing the router at the center of the house will makes sure that the signal covers every corner and you will not have to worry about losing signal on your device when you move around the house. Also, try to place the router on a higher surface, such as a table or coffee stand and avoid placing it near the wall.

Once you found the right spot, you can keep tweaking the antenna or the position of the router till you are sure that it gives out the strongest signal via the signal tracker app available on Android phones.

Get rid of distractions

Cordless or Bluetooth phones, walkie-talkies, remote control or microwaves are electrical items that send out electric wavelengths which interfere with your wifi router signal. Keeping these items away from your main router and modem will keep your wifi at its best all the time.

Reset your wifi router

If you are one of those who never switches off their wifi routers at all, you might want to consider doing that every week. This provides your router time to cool off and it can probably last longer under this routine.

Turn off your router for at least 20 minutes when the internet speed is low before you reset it. You can consider switching it off every night before going to sleep and turn it back on when you wake up in the morning or whenever you need it to save some electricity too.

DIY wifi signal booster

Yes, you can actually strengthen your wifi signal with a DIY booster made of tin foil only. Check out this video and make your own wifi booster in under 3 minutes.

With just these four tricks, you and your family can enjoy the best internet speeds under your subscribed broadband plan. The only question is, are you using the right broadband plan? is dedicated to raising financial literacy and helping Malaysians make wiser financial decisions by letting compare the best personal loans, credit cards and broadband plans, read their blog to learn more.