Microsoft announces new accessories for Surface devices

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Microsoft's special event in NYC this morning was primarily focused on the new Surface device(s) and naturally, that means more new accessories and Microsoft did just that. Alongside the announcement of the new Surface Studio and Surface Book i7, the company is also releasing several Surface branded accessories.

Microsoft Surface Dial — US$ 99 (~MYR 400)

Out of the 4 new accessories that Microsoft is announcing for Surface devices, the Surface Dial is the most unique one. For starters, it is essentially just a circular puck-like device that's made out of aluminium and is powered by two batteries. It connects through Bluetooth and officially supports both the Surface Studio, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

The primary use for the Dial is as a contextual menu that allows artists or designers to easily change colors or zoom into objects. The idea behind Surface Dial is pretty simple and it really depends on the software to unleash this device's full potential. Microsoft will begin offering the Surface Dial on November 11 for US$ 99

Surface Keyboard — US$ 99 (~MYR 400)

The next new official Surface accessory is the Surface Keyboard. The keyboard itself connects through Bluetooth 4.0 and will work with other devices like Android and Mac. Microsoft says the Surface Keyboard will last up to 12 months on 2 AAA batteries and the keyboard has a wireless range of up to 15 meters.

In terms of design, the Surface Keyboard features a light gray color that matches the silver finish on Surface devices. The Surface Keyboard will go on sale on November 11 for US$ 99 and it will also be bundled with the Surface Studio.

Surface Mouse — US$ 50 (~MYR 200)

The next new Surface accessory is Surface Mouse. It is basically the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth mouse that came out a couple years back but in gray. The Surface Mouse replaces the old Surface Mouse that was based on the Microsoft Arc Mouse. Just like before, the new Surface Mouse connects through Bluetooth 4.0 and uses Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology.

The Surface Mouse can last up to 12 months with two AAA batteries that's just about it. Nothing too fancy about the Surface Mouse, it comes with left and right click buttons and a standard scroll wheel. And just like the Surface Keyboard, the Surface Mouse will go on sale on November 11 and will be included with the purchase of the Surface Studio.

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard — US$ 130 (~MYR 540)

Last but not least, we have the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard which looks a lot like Microsoft's old Ergonomic keyboard but in a gray color scheme. The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is exactly like the Surface Keyboard but the former features a ergonomic key layout and palm rest covered in grey mélange Alcantara. This keyboard will also ship in November 11