Intel's 7th Generation Core processors will begin rolling out in September

6:47:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

About a year ago, intel released their 14nm Skylake processors and soon after that, the company revealed that a 2 year cycle of Moore's law to double the amount of transistors is proving to be a challenge. Thus, intel announced that they will be having three refresh cycles for each fabrication node.

Enter the Intel 7th generation Core processors codenmed Kaby Lake. Officially known as the 7th Generation Core processors, this new family of processors are very similar to the 14nm Skylake processors announced last year. The biggest change that Intel is bringing to this new generation of desktop and mobile processors is the improved efficiency as Intel is targeting the first wave of 7th generation Core processors at thin and portable devices like laptop and tablets.

Intel says that devices with the new 7th Generation Core processors will begin hitting the market in September 2016. Additionally, Intel will only be launching the desktop 7th Generation Core processors in early 2017.