Xiaomi announces a RM 600 MIJIA pressure rice cooker

6:59:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced the pricing and availability of the Redmi Note 3 here in Malaysia but in Beijing, the company took the advantage to show off a couple of new things. One of them is a brand new lineup of smart home appliances deigned and built in China. The new lineup is designed to showcase Chinese ingenuity and Xioami is starting up this lineup with the MIJIA which is a pressure rice cooker that has smart features. 

Just like all the big IoT trends these days, the MIJIA has built in Wi-Fi and users can interact with the functionality of the rice cooker directly from their smartphone. By simply scanning the barcode of a sack of rice, the MIJIA will be able to intelligently cook the rice to perfection. 

Xiaomi claims that their smart pressure rice cooker does not cut corners when it comes to features that matter like the cast iron pot that is essential to achieving a consistent cooking temperature. In addition to that, Xiaomi adds that they also went the distance to invite a renowned engineer from Japan to create the MIJIA rice cooker.

At just RM 610 (CN¥ 999 / US$ 150), the new MIJIA pressure rice cooker from Xiaomi is up to 5 times cheaper than competing product from Japan and it looks like Xiaomi is pretty confident that their new product is just as good as the others both in terms of design and raw functionality.