Windows 10 will soon come with a native Bash Shell

10:44:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

In additon to announcing a brand new version of Windows 10 coming later this Summer and a new HoloLens demo, Microsoft also took the time to please developers. In addition to the cross platform development tools that are currently available, Microsoft is adding yet another well requested dev tool to Windows 10. In the future version of Windows 10, the Bash (Bourne Again Shell) will be available natively on Windows 10.

The shell which was a popular tool on Linux on the Mac in the past enables developers to easily write their .sh Bash scripts. Microsoft says they have worked closely with Canonical on this integration with the Bash shell on Windows 10. With yet another dev tool available on Windows 10, Microsoft is continuing to please Windows developers.

Oh yeah, there's also a new version of Visual Studio 2015 (update 2) available starting today that includes the new SDK for the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update