Microsoft's new Bot Framework brings AI to the masses

9:20:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Microsoft announced quite a number of new things during this morning's opening keynote for Build 2016 but it seems that the one they were focusing heavily on is with the new Bot Framework that uses the power of Microsoft's cloud computing to make AI more accessible to applications that we frequently use today. In case you don't know what this Bot framework is all about, it's basically just like Microsoft's chatbot, Tay which was released last week and pulled out subsequently because it went rogue.

Likewise, Microsoft's Bot Framework is designed for rich interaction inside of messaging applications and bots created through Microsoft's tools will work on services like Slack, Email, Skype, or any other web application. This service is basically similar to those automated bots that existed before but Microsoft's Bot framework does the heavy lifting when it comes to the artificial intelligence part.

Expect to see more services supporting Microsoft's Bot framework in the near future. If you're a developer or just a little curios, learn more about this new tool here