Western Digital's new 314GB PiDrive is designed for the Raspberry Pi 3

5:17:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

A couple weeks back, the Raspberry Pi Foundation celebrate their 4th birthday with the announcement of the Raspberry Pi 3 and today for the Pi Day celebrations, Western Digital is announcing a new 7mm hard disk designed for the Raspberry Pi 3. Dubbed the WD Pi Drive 314, this new 314GB hard disk will support the Raspberry Pi boards and interfaces through microUSB and the added current through USB on the new Raspberry Pi 3 will allow the 314GB Pi Drive to run at optimal performance.

Western Digital's new Pi Drive 314 is based off their existing 500GB drives and the changes made are specifically tailored towards supporting the Raspberry Pi boards. With a lower power requirement and a dedicated software called BerryBoot courtesy of WDLabs, using the Pi Drive with the Raspberry Pi is pretty simple.

For a limited time, Western Digital is bringing down the price of the Pi Drive 314GB to just $31.42 (just for Pi Day) and the usual price is set at $45.82. Learn more about the WD 314GB PiDrive here