Google's Chromecast streaming technology can now be emedded into TVs and Speakers

12:22:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Google is overhauling their video and audio streaming application with the today's announcement that the Chromecast application will not just be called Google Cast. The Chromecast is notably one of the successful hardware products out of Google and currently there are about 20+ million Chromecast dongles out there streaming both video and audio.

With today's rebrand, Google is expanding the Chromecast streaming to not just Google's Chromecast dongle but also as an embedded hardware solution inside verious home applicances like Televisions and Speakers. Starting off this new Google Cast service is American electronics manufacturer, Vizio which has integrated Google Cast into their new P-series televisions meaning that users can now instantly stream video content directly to the big screens through the Google Cast app on an iOS or Android phone.

Google says that they are working with companies like Sony, LG, Harman Kardon, Vizio, Sharp, etc to integrate Google Cast into their audio and video devices. Learn more about the new Google Cast application here


In 2012, Google unveiled the Nexus Q which was a magical ball that streams video and audio around your house. But months after the debut of the device during Google I/O 2012, Google officialy scraped the Nexus Q. That failure however called for a new innovation which is the Google Chromecast dongle that was initially designed just for streaming video content but is now also able to stream audio with the Chromecast Audio unveiled last year.