Celcom introduces the NewPhone program that let's you upgrade every 12 months

7:32:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The cost of owning a smartphone has increased quite significantly in the last few years if you're looking for a top of the line device. Moat notably, US carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T are offering phone upgrade plans which does not tie down the user to a 2 year contract. The upgrade program has proven to be pretty popular as Apple also announced such a program alongside the iPhone 6S but that is currently exclusive to US at the moment.

But what if you want to get such a program in Malaysia? Well, you could sign up for Maxis's Zerolution plan which has been out for some time now and encompasses quite a wide range of device or you can subscribe to Celcom's NewPhone program that has the same benefits of Maxis's own Zerolution plan. But the biggest difference here is that Celcom's new NewPhone program currently only a couple of Samsung devices (all of them which are Samsung branded).

You might not be able to get the iPhone 6S through Celcom's NewPhone plan at the moment but options like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note5 are also good. The main difference between what Maxis is offering opposed to Celcom's NewPhone plan is that with Celcom, you can enjoy the benefits of the NewPhone program with any postpaid plan from Celcom. Whether you are an existing or new customer doesn't matter and from as low as RM 100 (RM 45 + RM 55), you can enjoy the Galaxy J7 with Celcom's RM 45 plan that includes 2GB of data.

But realistically, you want a high end phone right. Monthly payments for the Celcom NewPhone plan goes up to RM 175 for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and you could save RM 29 a month by opting out of the device protection but I would rather not do that as you do need to return the phone in a good working condition if you want to be eligible for the upgrade.

As for the upgrade portion of Celcom's NewPhone program, you will be automatically eligable to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months but in addition to that, you can also opt in to upgrade a little earlier but that'll cost you as low as RM 300 and goes up to RM 1,000 if you're trying to do an early upgrade with the Galaxy S6 edge+ to get the new Galaxy S7 edge on Celcom's NewPhone program.

That's it, a pretty simple upgrade program from Celcom which you opt-in starting today at any Blue Cube outlet throughout Malaysia. Learn more about the tiny little details on Celcom's new NewPhone program here