UMobile is giving all UMI subscribers 1GB of free data through January 2016

6:02:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Looks like UMobile has no plans to be outdone by is competitors in 2016 as they have just announced that their prepaid users subscribed to any UMI plan will be receiving 1GB of free data in January 2016. This deal just comes after last month's year end offer which provided all postpaid and prepaid users with 1GB of free data through the month of December 2015.

We are not exactly sure why UMobile is doing this once again but this will benefit prepaid users with extra 1GB of data and if you do have the UMobile Power Prepaid Pack from 2015, this means that you will get 2GB more than what your UMI plan gives you. So, essentially UMobile is trying to retain you as their prepaid customer and given that the new GST Rebate program is live, local residents will not need to pay GST for reload cards.

So, if you are a prepaid user or an existing UMI subscriber, all you have to do to receive this extra 1GB of data is to renew your UMI plan within January 2016 and you're all set to getting more data at no extra charge. Learn more about UMobile's UMI plan for prepaid users here