Silent Circle's privacy focused android phone, the BlackPhone 2 arrives in Malaysia for RM 3,599

3:00:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

BlackBerry's first Android phone called the Priv might be all about privacy and privilege but the original privacy phone is Silent Circle's BlackPhone. The BlackPhone 2 which was announced earlier this year is the successor to the original BlackPhone which came out last year. This year's edition features a refined design and better features on their PrivaOS which is still based on Android.

In terms of specifications, Silent Circle has given their private phone some specs worthy of 2015. That includes a bigger 5.5" 1080P display paired with a mid-range octa-core CPU from Qualcomm (Snapdragon 615), 2GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable memory, a 13MP rear camera with a dual LED flash, a 5MP front camera, LTE support, a 3,060mAh battery and support for Qualcomm's second generation Quick Charge technology.

The software in the other hand is a newer PrivatOS 1.1 which comes with all the Android features you would have expected but that's not the point of the BlackPhone 2. Features like always-on encryption, a security center feature, a new Spaces UI feature that splits the software into different modes.

As for pricing, a secure and private Android phone is not going to be cheap. DialogHub which is Silent Circle's distributor in Malaysia is pricing the BlackPhone 2 at RR 3,599 which is pretty steep if you compare it to competing flagship grade android phones. But bottom line, if you need a phone with lots of features to safeguard your smartphone experience and you don't want to but the BlackBerry Priv which is coming to Malaysia pretty soon then the BlackPhone 2 is your best bet.

You can now officially buy the BlackPhone 2 from 11street for RM 3,599.