Korean Apps Launch Wave 2015

8:31:00 AM Avinaash Kuppusamy 0 Comments

Attending the event, hosted by MyAppzill and assisted MDEC of Malaysia and MOIBA and UbiNuri of Korea, has changed my perception of mobile applications and their developers. I used to think that the mobile applications market was very small and negligible, but now after attending the event, I now know just how big a market mobile applications has.

On the first day of the event, developers of various applications from Korea came here to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside in Malaysia to launch their applications. They launched various types of applications too, but the biggest type of application was the in the games department followed by educational applications and tracking application as well as a free calls application.

Application developers or representatives for Boto the Pink Dolphin, RE-VOLT Classic 3D, Invention Savers, BridgeCall, Damyeongi Board Game, Reading Adventures, FAMY, God Summoners, Happy Chicken Town came on stage to give us a speech about their applications features. They also came on stage to talk about their issues and troubles when making their applications or when starting their company, giving us precious insight and advice, translated by telecommunicating with the translators backstage.

With frequent coffee breaks and lunch, the first day was over and then we were in the second day. The developers hailing from Korea set up booths, aided by MyAppZill and MDEC, to show their applications. About 10 applications were on demo today with their respective developers behind the booths explaining why they designed the app in such a way and why such app would help us in our lives or entertain us compared to other applications readily available on the market.

Before the official start of the event, many of the participants have already had their hands on with multiple applications that were on demo. Ranging from students, guests, media as well as the event organizers themselves, the event officially started later that evening. The Ambassador of South Korea, Cho Byung Jae’s attendance marked the start of the event. Speeches were exchanged between the Ambassador of South Korea himself as well as the event organizers like MyAppZil, MDEC, UbiNuri, and MOIBA.

With that over, the press conference started shortly after. The developers, from both Korea and Malaysia, took the stage and talked about their applications, some even had demoes of their applications shown as well as some work in progress for their applications. The applications were dominated by games, followed by applications designed for educations.

Towards the end of the day, the event organizers gave the Korean developers a token of appreciation . The event that marked the near closing of the day was a Questions and Answers session between the students, media, as well as the organizers themselves and the developers from Korea. With that done and over, a dinner marked the end of the day. It was a very interesting event and I hope to be able to attend next years event.