RedAlert is an emergency application designed for Malaysia

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Safety is the number one priority, no this is not a Crazy Russian hacker video intro but this brand new app by a Malaysia developer is all about improving safety measures. Sure, we have the MyDistress application from PDRM but this new application by Webclixer Creatives called RedAlert (No, this is not the Red Alert game from EA) and its a simple safety application which has been designed to work in Malaysia.

Download: RedAlert application for Android

This locally developed application is designed to bring personal safety back in the hands of the user and the main feature of the RedAlert application is the stress call button which will immediately contact your emergency contacts when click. Besides that, the RedAlert application also comes with some unique safety initiatives like Geo locations which notifies your registered friends and family your actual GPS location every 50 metres. Not to mention, there's also a Black Box feature which captures the surrounding sounds when the panic button is activated.

As for the actual application itself, you will need to enter your email, name and I/C number to begin using the application and after verifying the registration through your email, you will be required to select at least three emergency contacts from your address book. After setting that up, you're ready to go and the application is primed for a emergency situation.

“With this in mind, we decided to create an application to bring safety back into the hands of Malaysians,” said Dr Janson Group CEO, Janson Management.
Again, all of this features can be experienced through the free android application and the developer is committed to expanding the application to other mobile platforms like iOS and Windows Phone in the near future.  Learn more about Janson Group subsidiary Webclixer Creatives Sdn Bhd here.

Features of Red Alert:

· Panic Button activation through long screen tap or by pressing the power button 3 times
· Sends out emergency notifications via SMS and Facebook instantly once panic button is activated
· Sends out Geo Locations once panic button is activated
· Movement can be traced every 50m through Geo Locations
· Allows receiver to track you via GPS and Google Maps
· Black box: Audio capturing feature activates the moment the panic button is triggered
· Public can monitor SOS calls in real time via Google Map
· Allows Calibration Test during Set Up

UPDATE 31/7/2015 13:10: Article updated to reflect availability of iOS application