Nokia's phone business is coming back alive again

2:31:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Just about a year ago, Microsoft completed it's acquisition of Nokia's mobile division and since then Microsoft has started to phase out the Nokia branding on devices and also physical Nokia stores. Just recently, ex-Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop also left his position at Microsoft and thus ending the Nokia leadership in mobile devices.

Well, the story however doesn't end there as according to the terms, Nokia will be able to start offering mobile devices under their name starting Q4 2016. Initially, there were rumors that Nokia will indeed make a comeback after unveiling the Nokia N1 tablet, but that was ultimately never confirmed whatsoever.

Now, Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri revealed that the company does indeed have plans to create smartphones with the Nokia branding again. As they are part of the rich history of mobile phones, Nokia will not physically sell their own device but rather outsource/offer the reference design to other for them to manufacture and market.