Apple Music is a new platform for artists to share their work

12:38:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Just as reported, during the very end of the WWDC 2015 keynote, Tim Cook unveiled Apple Music which is the company's take on how is music supposed to be distributed. According to Apple, current solutions out there are misleading users and features like music, videos and social a fragmented into different applications.

Apple's solution is to combine all these features into one single unified platform and calling it Apple Music. The building blocks for their new service is the music service itself which provides subscribers high quality music streaming and the second part of the story is the 24/7 internationally broadcasted internet radio service called Beats 1. The final piece to the puzzle is Connect, likewise this feature acts more like a social network for artists to share on what they're working and that relates to the service as a whole.

All of this sounds like an exclusive new service but Apple says that it'll be coming to a multitude of platforms starting with iOS 8.4 on June 30. Further down the road, Windows and Android users can enjoy the service with an app launching in the fall.

As for pricing of Apple Music, Apple is providing users with a 3 month headstart for free and after that, it'll be $9.99 per month. There's also a family package for $14.99 which can be shared between 6 users. The price however can be justified by the incentives you'll be getting like exclusive content from artists via the connect page and also the Beats 1 internet radio if that's your thing.