Sony announces their new flagship selfie phone, the Xperia C4

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Selfies are just all over the news these days and despite being banned in certain places, smartphone manufacturer are putting the once-called front facing camera on a priority list. From the rotating 13MP camera on the Oppo N3 to the 13MP camera with dual LED flash on the HTC Desire EYE, it's clear that the front facing camera is just as important as the rear one.

Building upon last year's reception, Sony has unveiled a new selfie-centric smartphone which improves from the shortcomings of the outgoing Xperia C3. Called, the Xperia C4; Sony is focusing soley on the device's 5MP front facing camera which has a pretty big lens hole. The 25mm wide angle lens make it perfect as a selfie camera.

In addition to that, the front also features a single soft LED flash which will indirectly enhance your self portraits and not only that, Sony is also flipping the switch on for HDR for the front facing camera.

Note: image below is the front of the Xperia C4 

Moving beyond the initial focus of the Xperia C4, this is indeed still an android powered smartphone here and no it's not as flashy as the new Xperia Z4 but it does features specifications that trump it's predecessor, the Xperia C3.

Starting from the front, there is a 5.5" 1080P display which is driven by an octa core 1.7GHz processor with 2GB of RAM. On the back, Sony has included a 13MP Exmor camera which is not quite bragged about on this device.

Design wise, the Xperia C4 follows along the company's omni balance design with an aluminum frame with glass all around. Sony says the Xperia C4 will be hitting shelves in July and i'm sure Malaysia would definitely get this device, so stay tuned