Hugo Barra expresses his displeasure against microSD cards and removable batteries

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Xiaomi is now five years old and as the company matures, they are beginning to show some consistency between their product lineup. Their latest device is the Xiaomi Mi 4i which the company calls a 'flagship device'. At about RM 800, the device definitely blows away other devices at the same price point.

Everything about the Xiaomi Mi 4i is pretty solid except the 16GB non-expandable storage. Since it was announced, the lack of a microSD card slot on Xiaomi's first international smartphone has caused some uproar.

Well, Hugo Barra has come forward to explain why the company chose not to include both a microSD card slot and also a removable battery like their existing devices. He said that microSD cards are often slow, hard to predict and are counterfeited everywhere so you don't know whether is is a real sandisk card that your are buying.

"It is a trend: SD cards will disappear," Barra added. "You should basically not expect SD card slots in any of our flagships."
Continuing his debate, he added that microSD card slots are definitely out of the equation for their flagship devices and apparently, he is also against having removable batteries on their devices which do not feature microSD card slots.

So, it is clear that in the future we've just got to stick to cloud storage and just hope that some companies will retain both the microSD and removable batteries on their devices. To read the full report on this, hit the source link below.

The Xiaomi Mi 4i is expected to launch in Malaysia in the coming weeks for about RM 800