Nvidia brings the 60Hz G-SYNC experience to laptops

9:54:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Besides shedding light on their new GTX 980 Ti this morning, Nvidia is also announcing another leap in the gaming industry. Announced in 2013, the Nvidia G-SYNC technology is finally making it's way to mobile computers AKA laptops.

The technology which was previously exclusive to desktop monitors aims to offer the same refresh rate from the GPU to the display and thus creating a gaming experience which looks smooth and reduces image tearing with AA activated.

Alongside this announcement, Nvidia says that partners will be refreshing their current Maxwell based offerings to include this new display and laptops like the ROG G751, Aorus X7 Pro-SYNC, Aorus X5, and the MSI GT72 will soon come with G-SYNC. These new refreshes will be made available in the coming weeks.