JUMP is Google's ingenious way to bring Virtual Reality to the masses

12:50:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Whilst, Google briefly mentioned about the new version of Google Cardboard which now supports devices up to 6 inches in size, their ulterior motive was to sly into virtual reality. Introducing JUMP, a new platform which enables users to create and share immersive VR content without the need to have a broad knowledge.

The JUMP platform is simple to use and consists of three components: the camera, assembler and Youtube. The camera includes a rig of 16 camera which are placed in a way the frames overlap each other and the assembler is a service by Google which helps create that VR imagery from the camera(s). Finally, it's Youtube which acts as the VR player.

This is where Google Cardboard comes in, it'll work in tandem with the VR mode on Youtube to provide viewers that immersive virtual reality feel the maker intended.

The interesting bit here is that camera rig on top, that's the first JUMP certified rig from GoPro. It's quite a stunning piece of hardware but it does come at a hefty price (still unknown). But, Google will be open sourcing the camera rig schematics to users and other companies will apparently also jump in the fun.