Feast your eyes on the Limited Edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge

7:48:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Just last week Samsung confirmed that they will be indeed releasing a Limited Edition Galaxy S6 edge with an Iron Man theme and starting off the week, they have made it official via news channels. As expected, the Iron Man themed smartphone from Samsung features a bright red color scheme all around with gold highlights on the side trimmings.

For Marvel fans, this will be a pretty sweet treat as the device not only comes with a topped out red Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung is also bundling the phone with a quite decent looking box and also an "arc reactor" wireless charging kit. You can check out the magnificent unboxing video below.

Internally, this is still very much the Galaxy S6 edge just with a very unique paint job and Samsung is generously including 64GB of storage for this Limited Edition device. The software in the other hand is very well still TouchWiz with a custom Iron Man theme, I guess this theme will soon be available to regular Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge users via the TouchWiz themeing engine.

As to availability of this "Limited Edition" device, Samsung will begin offering it in South Korea tomorrow (May 27) and countries like China and Hong Kong will get it by June. Just keep in mind that this is a limited run of devices and as you can see from the images below, the back of the device has a 4 digit numeral depicting that Samsung will at most produce only 100 units of this Iron man themed smartphone.

UPDATE 26/4/2015 20:10: Sammobile notes that Samsung will be offering the Limited Edition Galaxy S6 edge in South Korea for KRW 1,199,00  which is about $1,100 or a whopping RM 3,999.