This is our best look yet at the unreleased HTC One M9+

8:02:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

HTC will be holding a special event in Beijing next week (April 8) and at this point, our mindset is pretty much set that the HTC One M9+ will be making a official appearance there. After being heavily leaked alongside the HTC One M9, the more powerful M9+ looks to be ready for prime time.

We've already show you the front of the device numerous times but in today's leaked image courtesy of @upleaks, the HTC One M9+ is seen flaunting the Duo Camera setup with three shades of colors. This is by no means something we have not heard before but it's the first time that the backs of the devices are shown in different shades or colors.

To recap, the HTC One M9+ is the bigger brother to the HTC One M9 and features a slightly bigger display that has a Quad HD resolution and the processor has been swapped in favor for a MediaTek chip. Currently the reports are saying this will be a China exclusive device but an international variant is bound to come by soon.

SOURCE: @Upleaks (Twitter)