The HTC One M9+ will be available in Malaysia on April 30 for RM 2,599

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Alongside news that the HTC One M9 will not be making it's way to Malaysian markets (officially that is). HTC Malaysia is also announcing a brand new flagship device for Malaysia. Say hello to the HTC One M9+ which was initially thought to be a China exclusive broke it's exclusivity when it landed in India weeks back.

The fiasco with LTE bands cause the HTC One M9+ to arrive in Malaysia and this isn't to say bad news whatsoever. Comparing this against the HTC One M9 which was announced at MWC 2015, the HTC One M9+ is argubly more powerful and better in so many ways.

Like on the HTC One M9, the HTC One M9+ also features the new aluminum body which is comprised of several pieces of aluminum to create a dual ton finish. Also, the HTC One M9+ will come in the same color option like on the HTC One M9; gold on silver and gunmetal grey.

The size is the main difference between the two, the HTC One M9+ coming to the Malaysian market features a 5.2" Quad HD display and is flanked with the Boom Sound speakers on the front. Also on the front is a 4MP Ultrapixel camera which will do good selfies even in low light. But that's not all on the front, this device also features a fingerprint scanner which is a first on HTC smartphones.

Under the hood, lies the most significant change compared to the standard HTC One M9. The Snapdragon 810 CPU is swapped with a less conventional Mediatek Helio X10 CPU which like the S810 is 64-bit and features 8 processing cores. In addition to that, the HTC One M9+ also features 3GB of RAM alongside 32GB of internal storage which is expandable via a microSD card.

Then it's the back, everything looks similar to that of the HTC One M9, it even has that brushed aluminum look to it but the camera has evidently been upgraded. The shape of the camera cutout is round but the 20MP camera is now accompanied with HTC's depth sensing secondary shooter. This Duo Camera setup is similar to that of the HTC One M8 and paired it up with HTC's software and you'll be able to recreate some interesting trick shots.

Finally, the HTC One M9+ runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and is atop of HTC's Sense 7 UI which features themeing options. All of this hardware and software is powered by a 2,840mAh battery.

HTC Malaysia will begin offering the HTC One M9+ in stores nationwide starting April 30 which is this Thursday. As for pricing, the HTC One M9+ will go fore RM 2,599 which is the exact same price as the recently launched Galaxy S6. So, which would you go for, the HTC One M9+ of the Samsung Galaxy S6.