The LG G4 will be able to see in the dark...according to LG

5:34:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

LG is already quite aware that the internet knows all about their upcoming flagship phone not directly from the company but through the online leakers. So, today it seems that LG is confirming what we already know; April 28 will indeed be the day the LG G4 makes it's official debut. Heck yeah, they even created a YouTube playlist to compile all the teaser videos.

This morning we saw the new software powering the LG G4 in action and now LG's first official teaser video on the actual device focuses on probably the single most advance feature on the G4. That's right, it's the camera on the back .

The outgoing LG G3 last year featured a 13MP camera which had above average performance but was plagued for producing images which was just ok. With the LG G4, LG wants to turn that around and the first hint they are giving is that the new camera features an f1.8 aperture.

In layman terms, this means that the lens will have a bigger opening; a smaller f-stop means more light can enter the sensor thus producing better results in low light. The smaller f1.8 aperture will build on upon the OIS and laser autofocus system on the LG G3 to produce even better images.

For now we can't judge much on the LG G4's camera as specs don't always mean a better camera. The software and hardware will need to be paired up perfectly for that to happen. But nevertheless, LG now has the upper hand in terms of camera specs against both the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 which have a f1.9 and f2.0 aperture respectively.