Microsoft rebrands their first Nokia store in India

3:27:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

It has been a little over a year since Microsoft completed it's acquisition of Nokia's mobile division and since then they have been using the Nokia brand for Lumia smartphones. But up until recently with the Lumia 535, Microsoft finally printed on their 'Microsoft' brand onto the device and thus making their mark on the Lumia lineup.

Well, now it seems that Microsoft is targeting existing Nokia retail stores. Starting off with India, Microsoft is rebranding a Nokia retail store in Gurgaon, New Delhi. The newly rebranded store is called 'Microsoft Priority Reseller'.

15,684 retail outlets will be rebranded 
Gone from the Nokia days of retail is the blue theme and this Microsoft branded store will feature the Microsoft Lumia color of orange alongside the clean white furniture. Currently, Nokia retail stores are already showcasing the Surface Pro 3 and we're unsure if Microsoft plans to also sell their other hardware products in this new store.

India will be the first country to taste this new retail experience from Microsoft and over the course of the next few months, Microsoft says all 8,872 retail outlets and 119 Nokia branded care centers will be rebranded as Microsoft Priority Reseller stores.

Following that, Microsoft plans to expand that rebranding to the other 15, 684 stores and 324 Nokia care centers to the rest of the world. Similarly, these retail outlets will be rebranded as Microsoft Priority Reseller stores and 3,287 of them will receive a complete overhaul inside out.

With the rebranding done, Microsoft promises that it'll continue to honor existing Nokia warranties after the rebrand and service centers will continue to accept Nokia devices for repairs. It seems that Microsoft not only wants to demonstrate their Microsoft Lumia smartphones but also their convergence with other Microsoft products and services.

So, stay tuned in the coming months. Maybe a Nokia store near you might soon become a friendly Microsoft store.