This is our best look yet at the HTC One M9 Plus

2:56:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

It seems that HTC is having a tough time in keeping their unreleased devices out of the radar. The HTC One M9 Plus which leaked alongside the HTC One M9 earlier this year is set to be officially announced early next month in Beijing. We've seen several images of the device previously but today's leak is the clearest one yet.

The image released by verified leaker @upleaks show the various angles of the device. At this point, we can quite firmly say this is indeed the design of the HTC One M9 plus given all the leaks are basically identical. To recap, the HTC One M9 plus is a bigger version of the HTC One M9 and the M9 Plus features a bigger 5.2" Quad HD display (1440 X 2560) and also a more powerful 20MP duo camera setup on the back.

As to other underlying features, the HTC One M9 Plus still features the company's signature aluminum unibody frame and the Boom Sound speakers are also present on the face of the device. One interesting addition to the M9 Plus is the physical home button on the front of the device, wait is HTC trying to copy Samsung now? Well, the button on the front is there because it also doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

So, at this point we know nearly everything about this device and i'm keen in seeing what HTC has to say about this device during the launch next month. Also the last piece of the puzzle is still missing and that is the availability of the HTC One M9 Plus and also the price of this. The HTC One M9 Plus will likely be priced higher than the HTC One M9 by about RM300 when it comes to Malaysia later this year.

SOURCE: Android Central