Getting the Raspberry Pi 2 in Malaysia

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Computers, basically everyone has one these days and in the recent years the march towards getting the younger generation to learn to write code has arised. The simple reason is that if we know how to use a computer we must also know how to command it to do things. It might sound like a little adventurous to program a computer but after all, learning something new isn't always easy.

On one end we have which is highly contributing towards people everywhere learning to code in their hour or code campaign which has been highly successful. Another product which initially came up as a platform to code was the Raspberry Pi, soon enough the 'builders' got their hands off this tiny board and started making things happen.

Two years later, we have the second revision of the board called the Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B). The board was announced back in February and it improves on it's predecessor by now having a quad core CPU and double the amount of RAM (1GB). While gaining 6X the performance compared to it's predecessor, the new Pi 2 is still $35 (~RM 128).

Well, Microsoft announced a while back that they are committed in supporting the new Raspberry Pi 2 with their Windows operating system. In the coming months, Microsoft will release a version of Windows 10 which is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 and when that comes, we'll be doing some tests on it and also an article on it.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is currently being sold worldwide through the foundation's store element14. From the site, users can purchase the device but in Malaysia, the store recommends that buyers in Malaysia purchase the Pi 2 from two approved resellers in the region. Those two retailers are Pier Electronics and ThunderMatch Technology.
Both these sites are online stores and they are selling the Raspberry Pi 2 in Malaysia for around RM 150, mind you that the listed $35 is the price of the Pi 2 excluding taxes. That is why the price is a little higher than a direct currency exchange.

I got mine through ThunderMatch Technology for RM 148 and they are offering a few bundles which include a microUSB power cable and another one including a microSD card with the NOOBS software. Well, you can outright just buy the Raspberry Pi 2 because installing the NOOBS is really simple and if you own a smartphone, you'll likely have a microUSB cable lying around.

My purchase from ThunderMatch Technology was quick and the board was delivered to my doorstep the day after i made the payment (Klang Valley area, your mileage might vary). Also, if you want to get one, the stock on both the stores are running low so you'd better get it soon before prices goes a little higher due to GST or you're placed on a backorder.