TAG Heuer's next luxury timepiece will be powered by Android Wear

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Last year there was a frenzy of smartwatches being released to the market but despite all the marketing push the respective company is putting on their smartwatch, deep down these 'first-gen' smartwatches are still not fully developed. The competition in the wearable sector is starting to heat up with the Apple Watch which is coming late next month.

Well, today it looks like we might finally see the light of the best looking smartwatch to hit the market. In an announcement today, Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer announced that they are partnering with both Intel and Google to create an Android Wear powered smartwatch which will replicate their high end timepieces but everything would be digital rather than analog.

TAG Heuer's CEO, Jean-Claude Biver told BBC why they chose Google's Android Wear platform for their first smartwatch. He said that Google's platform was most suitable because they could work closely with Google and not cause any conflict of interest in terms of selling the product. In terms of Apple's platforms, he worries that while they are working with an iOS smartwatch, Apple might not be on their side as they will be rooting on their own Apple Watch.

"Google is not producing watches, so the relationship is perfect."
As to how it would look like, earlier reports state that the smartwatch will resemble that of their Carrera watch but the distinct difference will be that everything displayed on the watch face will be digital. Currently there is not stern date on when this luxury smartwatch will be unveiled but we might hear a little more about it during Google I/O later this year

SOURCE: Businesswire