Microsoft will be releasing Cortana to Android and iOS in the fall

5:32:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

It's no secret that Microsoft is gearing up for a major release later this year, Windows 10 is like mission impossible for the company. They only have one chance to make it perfect. Fortunately, the company for the past year has been strongly focusing on bringing the Microsoft experience to literally all devices regardless of the platform.

This plan has mostly worked and users are absolutely loving the new Microsoft apps on Android and iOS. Particularly the new Outlook and Microsoft garage apps. Today via a Reuters interview, Microsoft's managing director of research reveals that Cortana will be jumping to both iOS and Android in the Fall.

Such a move is expected given that the majority of Microsoft has already migrated themselves to rival platforms. The questions which plagues us now is how would Microsoft differentiate Windows 10 from other platforms when even the most standout features (Cortana) is on rival platforms. What do you think, is Microsoft's plan to open up Windows Phone features a good idea. Tweet to us @TTOT9

SOURCE: TheVerge