Concept of Avengers themed Galaxy S6 edge emerges, makes you wish they were real

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The Galaxy Edge itself is already the best looking Samsung phone out there and there are 4 color option to choose from. In addition to that, each color option will shine a different hue depending on how you look at it. It's something to do with how glass reflects with light. But however, the color options for the Galaxy S6 edge surely did not impress this fan as he came up with 7 unique colors for the Galaxy S6 edge.

As you might already notice from both the title and the cover photo, his concepts are based on the upcoming Avengers movie which is hitting theaters late next month. In the concepts each member gets its own shade for the Galaxy S6 edge and not only does the front and back gets a matching coat of paint but the side trims also match the Avengers character.

Well, now you would pretty much be drooling all over it even if you're not a Marvel/Avengers fans, surely the Iron Man one caught your attention? Again these are just concept images inked by a fan and even though it might not be real now but who knows. Since Samsung has collaborated with Marvel in the past, it is entirely possible for them to release it as a limited edition product.

That's about it for the fanfare talk about the device, now if the time for you to scroll down the page to enjoy the Marvel Avengers themed Galaxy S6 edge images.

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Look at that, even the clear view cover get's themed

SOURCE: Sammobile via Scweeny