Apple announces pricing and availability of the Apple Watch, prices range from $350 to $17,000

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As expected, Apple has officially announced the Apple Watch today at the Spring Forward event held in SF California. After briefly showcasing and teasing about the Apple Watch for the past few months, the company is finally announcing the pricing and availability of the wearable. Pre orders for the Apple Watch will start on April 10 and general sales in select regions will begin on April 24.

The Apple watch will be coming in three tiers (2 for normal people) which is the affordable Apple Watch with an aluminum body and a plastic strap, the Apple Watch with an metal body and strap and the premium Apple Watch edition. All three variants will come in the 38mm and 42mm sizes and will be priced as follow.

Although Malaysia is not listed as part of the first wave of regions receiving the Apple Watch, we expect the wearable to make it's way to Malaysia by June 2015. As for pricing, you can try doing the conversions and all as the official Apple Store Malaysia isn't listing the Apple Watch pricing as of this article. And don't put your hopes too high for the Apple Watch Edition to make it to Malaysia, Apple says only select retail outlets will feature it at limited stock

Apple Watch Sport

  • $350 (MYR 1,288) for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport (varying straps)
  • $400 (MYR 1,473) for the 42mm Apple Watch Sport (varying straps)

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Apple Watch

  • Starting at $550 (MYR 2,025) for the 38mm Apple Watch, up to $1,050 (MYR 3,866) with varying straps and bands
  • Starting at $600 (MYR 2,209) for the 42mm Apple Watch, up to $1,100 (MYR 4,050) with varying straps and bands

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Apple Watch Edition

  • Starting at $10,000 (MYR 36,820) for the 38mm Apple Watch Edition up to $17,000 (MYR 62,594)
  • Starting at $10,000 (MYR 36,820) for the 42mm Apple Watch Edition up to $17,000 (MYR 62,594)

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